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A few highlights from the FFE collection


Pre-Fame Artifacts (1960-1963):


Three-page letter written by George Harrison while in residency at the Star Club in Hamburg,

Germany in 1962.


Stuart Sutcliffe-penned play list of songs he was to learn before embarking on tour with the Beatles

in 1960.


Collection of Stuart Sutcliffe original artwork.


Stuart Sutcliffe letters handwritten in Hamburg during the Beatles' first residency there in the fall of 1960.


Complete and original Mersey Beat newspaper that announced the Beatles as the Top Poll Winners.
(Formerly the property of Beatles' drummer Pete Best.)


Mersey Beat Collection featuring every key Beatles issue from 1961-1962.


Set of all three Cavern Club membership cards from the years the Beatles made regular appearances
there (1961-1963).


Original John Lennon letter written to his aunt and uncle announcing his son Julian's birth in 1963.


March 1963 poster from the Chris Montez-Tommy Roe UK tour.


RIngo Starr stage-used drumsticks from the 1964 Christmas shows, as well as spares from 1963.


Hundreds of other items that relate to the pre-fame period (1961-1963).


Collection of early concert tickets and programs  (1962-1963).














The Beatles in America and World Tour Artifacts (1964-1966)


Ringo Starr's black-on-black striped suit worn in the Beatles' debut film A Hard Day's Night and
on the cover of the UK Parlophone LP Beatles For Sale.


The original stage-used set list from the Beatles' first American concert, Washington Coliseum, Washington, D.C., February 11, 1964.  Handwritten by John Lennon on stationery from the Shoreham Hotel.

Brian Epstein's handwritten working draft of the city-by-city itinerary for the Beatles' fall 1964
North American tour.


Paul McCartney's handwritten song lyrics for his composition, "What You're Doing".  Written while

on tour in Atlantic City, New Jersey, August 1964.


White Matte Gold Album award for the Rubber Soul LP.


Complete concert ticket collection for all three North American tours, 1964 to 1966.  The only

complete collection in existence.


Important documents between Brian Epstein and Norman Weiss of General Artists Corporation regarding the booking of the first North American tour, 1964.


Signed performance contracts and riders for every stop on the first North American tour (excepting Kansas City), summer 1964.  Also, several performance contracts for stops during the 1965 and 1966 American tours.


1966 Cleveland and 1966 San Francisco concert tour posters.  Very few posters were produced during any of the three tours.


Posters for the Beatles feature films A Hard Day's Night (1964) and Help! (1965).


Several authentic Beatles autograph sets, including a piece of Dallas hotel stationery signed by the four Beatles and Brian Epstein for the Dallas Beatles Fan Club president on September 18, 1964.


Butcher Cover collection -- Original pasteovers, peeled covers, posters and other printed materials pertaining to the withdrawn cover for the Beatles Capitol LP Yesterday and Today.


Literally hundreds of pieces of mass-produced, merchandising items:  Beatles lunchbox and thermos, hairspray, dresses, curtains, nylons, bubble bath, wigs, gum cards, dolls, model kits and countless

other pieces.

Late Period Artifacts (1967-1969)


John Lennon owned and worn round National Health spectacles (1967).


Brian Epstein's handwritten last will and testament.


Beatles Apple Corps.-related merchandise and printed materials.


Yellow Submarine animated film-related items.


Materials related to the Beatles films Magical Mystery Tour, Yellow Submarine and Let It Be.


Many other post-1966 items.

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