Ladies and Gentlemen...The Beatles!

A Beatles traveling exhibition presented by the Grammy Museum and Fab Four Exhibits, LLC

Yurakucho Infos 1F

3-8-3, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku

Tokyo, Japan

November 18, 2017 - January 28, 2018

We're excited and honored to share our artifacts with
some of the greatest Beatles fans in the world!

Tokyo Beatles fans wander among the many display at the newly-opened "Ladies and Gentlemen...The Beatles!" at Yurakucho Infos 1F, November 18, 2017.
The Tokyo exhibit is sponsored by Japan Music Experience Co., Ltd. in conjunction with the Grammy Museum and Fab Four Exhibits. Among the official
supporters: Singer Anna Tsuchiya; professional figure skater Daisuke Takahashi; Okamoto Koto of the Japanese rock band Okamoto's; comedian Darling Honey; former editor-in-chief of Music - Life magazine Hoshiko Rumiko; YasuokaYu of Gospellers; Actress Mai Yajima; and composer Akira Sanba.

The Tokyo Press Conference and Reception for "Ladies and Gentlemen...The Beatles!"

The Tokyo press conference for the opening of
"Ladies and Gentlemen...The Beatles!" Present at the
event were reporters from TV news stations, local
papers, radio stations and national magazines.

The Tokyo organizer of "Ladies and Gentlemen...The Beatles! (center) posed
with comedians Darling Honey (left), Grammy Museum Chief Operating
Officer Rita George (second from right) and Japanese-American singer
Anna Tsuchiya (far right).

At the Tokyo press conference, comedians Darling Honey took
the stage with popular singer Anna Tsuchiya...

...who spoke about the Beatles before regaling the press with an
a cappella rendition of "Let It Be". Anna Tsuchiya and Darling Honey
are official supporters of the exhibit.

Above: Singer Anna Tsuchiya (left) and Grammy Museum COO Rita George pose together on the mock-up of the Abbey Road crosswalk.

Rita and Anna were soon joined on the crosswalk
by comedians Darling Honey.

On the Sullivan stage set-up:
Actress Mai Yajima (left) and Hoshiko Rumiko,
former editor-in-chief of Music - Life magazine.

Above: A few of the areas that greeted the Japanese press just prior to the public opening. Below: A wide-angle lens view of the exhibit.

Tokyo subway station posters advertising "Ladies and Gentlemen...The Beatles!" at Yurakucho Infos, November 2018.

The public opening of "Ladies and Gentlemen...The Beatles!" in Tokyo

Saturday, November 18, 2017
A line was forming an hour before the doors opened, and the exhibit was packed with Beatles fans all day!

Attendance has been steady ever since! Below, pics of just a few of the many displays in the exhibit!

Fans clutch exhibit brochures and tickets as they stand in line on opening day.
The exhibit ticket was designed to resemble the original tickets to the Beatles' 1966 Tokyo concerts

Fans stand in line on opening day and, later, take in all the artifact displays and interactive kiosks.

Welcome to "Ladies and Gentlemen...The Beatles!"

Mock-up of an American fan bedroom.

Meet The Beatles! A bit of biographical info on the four lads.

Above and below: The map wall featuring a set of original unused tickets
to Beatles concerts held in North America, 1964-1966.


For Tokyo, the exhibit was modified to include a display of original
Japanese Beatles memorabilia from around the time of the group's

five concerts at Tokyo's Nippon Budokan, June 30-July 2, 1966.

The original suit worn by RIngo in the first half-hour of A Hard Day's Night
and on the Beatles For Sale LP cover is flanked by memorabilia from
their feature films and television appearances (1964-65).


Bruce Spizer's original Beatles Day in New Orleans proclamation, signed by all four
Beatles, September 1964.


A Beatles stage-used set list for a concert at the Majestic Ballroom
in Luton, England on April 17, 1963. The song titles were
penned by Paul McCartney.

The original John Lennon handwritten set list used on stage at the Beatles' first American concert, Washington, D.C., February 11, 1964.

Two for the road: A pair of fans and an Abbey Road crosswalk photo op.

A couple of the exhibit's interactive attractions:
"Sing Yellow Submarine With RIngo!" and drums lessons from Ringo.


Beatles merchandise in a mock-up of a Woolworth's store window.

Rubber Soul gold record
Beatles-Little Richard Tower Ballroom program Oct. 1962
Mersey Beat #2 - Beatles Polydor cover Mersey Beat Vol. 1 No. 2  July 20-Aug. 3, 1961  1
Mersey Beat Beatles Sign With EMI Vol. 2 No. 31 Sept. 20-Oct. 4, 1962 top
Butcher KLIF survey
Comic book - Summer Love
Magazine - Whole True Story 16 1966
Cavern card 1963
Cavern club 1962.jpg
Beatles Newsweek cover 1964.jpg
Beatles break-up magazine 1970.jpg
Shea Stadium 1965 concert ticket stub.jpg
I Want To Hold Your Hand record cover.jpg
April 1966 U.S. Fan Club bulletin.jpg
Beatles store displays (flasher rings 1964, diary 1965, Wallet Fold-outs 1964) o
Ed Sullivan Show ticket rejection notice Feb. 16, '64.jpg
Beatles coloring book 1964.JPG
Beatles Flip Your Wig game 1964.JPG
Edited Image 2014-1-30-11:3:16
Beatles brunch box 1965.JPG
Guitar brooch.JPG
Beatles Halloween costume (Paul) 1964.JPG
Beatles shirt 1964.JPG
HELP! movie magazine.jpg
NEMS Epstein letter.jpg
NME Poll Winner's concert programme April 21, 1963.jpg
Allan Williams Beatles business card 1960.jpg
Beatles & John Leyton programme April 25, 1963.jpg
North American tickets - Dallas '64 concert.JPG
My mono butcher 1976.jpg
Tower ticket 1261.JPG
Cavern card 1961.jpg
Edited Image 2014-1-30-1:32:40
Cabana Dallas auto set.jpg
Beatles Grosvenor set list 1960.jpg
Aintree Institute handbill August 1961.jpg
Edited Image 2014-1-30-11:7:53
SET LIST 72dpiemail.jpg
Beatles Lux soap box with blow-up dolls offer 1966-67.JPG
Beatles shirt 1964.JPG
Beatles Nestles Quik can with blow-up dolls offer 1966-67.JPG
Yellow Submarine watercolor set 1968.JPG
Philladelphia concert parking pass 1966.jpg
Beatles Bobbin' Head dolls 1964.JPG
Yellow Submarine plastic model kit 1968.JPG
Beatles wig 1964.JPG
Beatles Kaboodle kit 1964.JPG
Beatles harmonica 1964.JPG
Beatles hat 1964.JPG
Beatles hair bow 1964.JPG
Beatles Airflite box 1964.JPG
Beatles brunch box 1965.JPG
My Bonnie single on Polydor Oct. 1961 (1st version with slow German intro).jpg
Dallas Times Herald.JPG
Cavern club 1962.jpg
Tower ticket 1261.JPG
Beatles 1962 promotional card #1.jpg
Teen Talk magazine 1964.jpg
Beatles Dallas to Houston '65 concert bus pass and ticket.jpg
Gator Bowl ticket '64.jpg
Indy ticket.jpg
16 magazine Complete Story From Birth To Now 1965.jpg
Love Me Do.jpg
Paul Is Dead magazine 1969.jpg
Beatles Colorforms Kit 1966 - touched up.JPG
TIME magazine 1967.jpg
She Loves You record cover.jpg