Meet The Fab Four in Fab Four Exhibits, LLC

Chuck Gunderson was born on August 10, 1962 when the Beatles were playing a gig on a riverboat in Liverpool. He is the country's leading expert on the Beatles' three North American concert tours and is the author of Some Fun Tonight! The Backstage Story of How the Beatles Rocked America. The Historic Tours of 1964 to 1966 ( Over the past 25 years, he has amassed what is arguably the most comprehensive collection of American tour-related memorabilia and artifacts in the world.  A veteran of the outdoor advertising industry, Chuck has a B.A. in History from San Diego State University and a Masters of History degree from the University of San Diego. He lives with his wife Christina in San Diego, California. They have four grown children.

Russ Lease has been collecting one-of-a-kind Beatles memorabilia for 35 years and his collection is recognized as one of the foremost in the country. He has also done authentication and consulting work for many of the world's leading auction houses. He periodically gives university lectures on the subject and has written regular columns for several publications, including Beatlology magazine.  In 2003, Russ created R.W. Lease, Ltd./, combining his extensive experience in the garment industry with his passion for collecting to reproduce stitch-for-stitch replicas of the Beatles' stage suits. He now outfits the top Beatles tribute bands in the world. Russ has  appeared on Good Morning America and the CBS Early Show. He and his wife Becky have three children and live in Columbia, Maryland.


Jeff Augsburger, a first-generation fan who saw one of the Beatles' Chicago concerts in 1966, has been a serious collector of Beatles memorabilia since 1972 and has long been considered one of the top collectors in the hobby.  Significant portions of his personal collection have been on display annually for over 25 years at the Fest For Beatles Fans in Chicago. He is a familiar face at Beatles conventions throughout North America, having been a vendor at well over 100 such gatherings. He is best-known as co-author of three editions of The Beatles Memorabilia Price Guide and as a former memorabilia columnist for Beatlefan and Good Day Sunshine, two of the most popular Beatles fanzines in the United States. Jeff and his wife Barbara reside in Normal, Illinois where he operates a plumbing business. They are the parents of two grown children.

Mark Naboshek is a first-generation Beatles fan and has been a Beatles collector since starting college in the fall of 1970. In the years since, he has amassed a personal collection of several thousand vintage Beatles items, both mass-produced and one-of-a-kind. His primary area of interest deals with pre-fame Beatles artifacts dating from their childhoods to their formative years as a group (1960-62). An advertising  writer by profession, Mark has written numerous feature articles for Beatlology and Collectors’ Showcase magazines and has also contributed to thirty Beatles books as well as museum and film projects. He has edited four Beatles books, including Some Fun Tonight (written by his FFE partner Chuck Gunderson) and The Fab One Hundred and Four and Finding The Fourth Beatle by Liverpool author David Bedford. Mark resides in Dallas, Texas with his wife Beverly. They have three grown children.

Rubber Soul gold record
Beatles-Little Richard Tower Ballroom program Oct. 1962
Mersey Beat #2 - Beatles Polydor cover Mersey Beat Vol. 1 No. 2  July 20-Aug. 3, 1961  1
Mersey Beat Beatles Sign With EMI Vol. 2 No. 31 Sept. 20-Oct. 4, 1962 top
Butcher KLIF survey
Comic book - Summer Love
Magazine - Whole True Story 16 1966
Cavern card 1963
Cavern club 1962.jpg
Beatles Newsweek cover 1964.jpg
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Beatles store displays (flasher rings 1964, diary 1965, Wallet Fold-outs 1964) o
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NME Poll Winner's concert programme April 21, 1963.jpg
Allan Williams Beatles business card 1960.jpg
Beatles & John Leyton programme April 25, 1963.jpg
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Cavern card 1961.jpg
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Yellow Submarine watercolor set 1968.JPG
Philladelphia concert parking pass 1966.jpg
Beatles Bobbin' Head dolls 1964.JPG
Yellow Submarine plastic model kit 1968.JPG
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Beatles Kaboodle kit 1964.JPG
Beatles harmonica 1964.JPG
Beatles hat 1964.JPG
Beatles hair bow 1964.JPG
Beatles Airflite box 1964.JPG
Beatles brunch box 1965.JPG
My Bonnie single on Polydor Oct. 1961 (1st version with slow German intro).jpg
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Cavern club 1962.jpg
Tower ticket 1261.JPG
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Teen Talk magazine 1964.jpg
Beatles Dallas to Houston '65 concert bus pass and ticket.jpg
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16 magazine Complete Story From Birth To Now 1965.jpg
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Paul Is Dead magazine 1969.jpg
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She Loves You record cover.jpg