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Ladies and Gentlemen...The Beatles!

A Beatles traveling exhibition presented by the Grammy Museum and Fab Four Exhibits, LLC

The Mulva Cultural Center
De Pere, Wisconsin (Green Bay)

December 8, 2023 - January 21, 2024

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"Ladies and Gentlemen...The Beatles!" is honored to be one of the inaugural exhibits for the
spectacular new Mulva Cultural Center, a $100 million, 75,000 square foot venue located in
De Pere, Wisconsin, just five miles south of downtown Green Bay.


Above: An exhibit overview and biographical panels for each of the four Beatles welcome patrons to "Ladies and Gentlemen...The Beatles!"
Below: One of the top Beatles collectors in the country, Madison native Phil Biebl, was among the first visitors to the exhibit and very
graciously took many of the photos shown here.


Above and at right: The exhibit covers not only the Beatles' quest for fame in the early Liverpool days, but their rise in popularity throughout Britain in 1963 in the months leading up to their conquest of America.


Above and at left: The story of the Beatles in America began with their February 1964 arrival in
New York and their historic first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, both represented here.

Below: The Beatles' breakthrough in America is considered one of the pivotal moments not only in the history of pop music, but in the history of the 20th century in this country. Artifacts from their first visit to the United States and from their fall 1964 North American tour are displayed here.


Shown above: Among the original artifacts from 1964 on display:  An original gold record for "I Want To Hold Your Hand", the original
Lennon-handwritten set list used onstage during  the group's first American concert (Washington D.C.), Paul's handwritten lyrics for the song
"What You're Doing" and a set of autographs signed in Dallas by the Beatles and their famed manager Brian Epstein.


Beatles superfan and collector Phil Biebl looks back on one
of the highlights of his life: The Beatles' live American television debut on The Ed Sullivan Show, February 9, 1964.


Exhibit  patrons take in the artifacts
and memorabilia related to the Beatles' early years in the UK, their first successes there in 1963 and their landmark year in America in 1964.


At left and above: The exhibit celebrates the Beatles' films A Hard Days Night and HELP! with displays of memorabilia and artifacts. The highlight is the suit that Ringo Starr wore in the first 30 minutes of A Hard Day's Night.


"I HAD THAT!"  First-generation Beatles fans have found an emotional connection to their youth in our popular Woolworth's merchandise display. Inevitably, they find something that they owned themselves back in the day.


On our ticket map, fans will find an impressive array of original unused tickets from the Beatles' North American
tours of 1964, 1965 and 1966. For first-generation fans who may have attended one of these shows, it brings
back memories of the excitement and chaos of a Beatles live appearance.



"Take A Drum Lesson With Ringo Starr". At every stop on the exhibit tour, professional and aspiring drummers alike have enjoyed this interactive
display where Ringo teaches them the basics of his craft.



At left:
A display that focuses on
1966, the Beatles' final year in America. Featured: the Beatles' controversial Butcher Cover LP and the micro-sized set list from the guitar George Harrison used on that final North American tour.


Beatles fan Kevin Grohskopf stands alongside another of the exhibit's interactive displays. You know the words, Kevin. Go for it!


Phil Biebl concludes his visit to the exhibit with
a stroll across Abbey Road -- sans shoes, of course!

Also at the Mulva...


Which Beatle are you?

Take a quick spin.


Hear the music that influenced
the Fab Four.

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"And The Grammy Goes To"...
December 4, 2023 - January 21, 2024

An exhibit also curated by the GRAMMY Museum® that gives visitors an overview of the

of the GRAMMY Awards® and Latin GRAMMY Awards through interactive content and artifacts. The exhibit celebrates past and recent winners through areas that explore how

a GRAMMY is won, the star-studded red carpet spotlighting timeless moments from  a variety of artists, and what goes into making an actual GRAMMY Award.

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