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A world-class Beatles exhibit

designed to entertain and enlighten!

At Fab Four Exhibits, LLC, our goal is simple:  to entertain and enlighten people about the greatest pop music act of all time -- The Beatles! 


By combining historically significant artifacts and mass-produced memorabilia with informative text displays and photographs, we tell the incredible story of the Beatles and their music. Our extensive collection, valued in the millions of dollars, includes some of the most important historic treasures ever amassed by private collectors. Adding to this is one of the largest collections of Beatles toy memorabilia on the planet.


Created and orchestrated by four of the country's top Beatles collectors and experts, our exhibit tells the story of the Beatles, from birth to breakup. But because of the wide scope of our Beatles holdings, our exhibit can be custom-tailored to any theme, milestone or anniversary in Beatles history.  Whether you want 50 pieces or 500, we can create any size exhibit and build any display you desire. We own enough artifacts to change the themes of our displays as occasions dictate. The Beatles' rich history lends itself to numerous milestones on the calendar, so the opportunities to acknowledge and celebrate these events -- both local and national -- are endless.


Our partners have worked with the country's top rock 'n roll museums, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland, the Experience Music Project in Seattle, the Memphis Rock 'n' Soul Museum, the Grammy Museum in L.A. ("Ringo: Peace and Love" exhibit) and the former Beatle City museum in Liverpool.


We're currently partnering with the Grammy Museum on a traveling exhibit called Ladies and Gentlemen...The Beatles!, which spent its first three years celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Beatles in America, including the anniversaries of all three North American tours. The exhibit premiered on February 6, 2014 at the New York Library For The Performing Arts in Lincoln Center, New York City, and made stops at seven additional venues, including the LBJ Library in Austin, Texas and both Grammy Museums. The first leg of the exhibit tour ended in April 2017 at the William J. Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. 


After extending the tour, we winged our way to  Japan, where the exhibit spent three months in Tokyo starting November 18, 2017 and three months in Osaka beginning on February 10, 2018. After we returned to the States, we entertained legions of Beatles fans in Portland, Oregon (2019). Although we were sidelined during the height of the pandemic as venues across the country closed, we're back now in 2022 with stops in Chicago (Ravinia) and Newark (The Grammy Museum, Prudential Center). 


You can find any new posted updates to the exhibit tour schedule on our web page titled

"Grammy Museum Exhibit Info".


While the four FFE partners are avid fans and collectors, we are also Beatles scholars with an extensive knowledge of the group's history. We don't just display memorabilia. We exhibit our treasures in their proper historic context in a way that both entertains and educates the patron, bringing alive the band's incredible history.





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